Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wednesday the 20th Mulcahy Bay, Nye Bay, Stephens Bay.

0700 Day begins with slight SE'erly breezes and smaller swells. A
stunning morning ensues as the sun rises high above the De Witt Ranges.
It is magical morning with clear skies and the promise of
another epic day ahead.

A Shy Albatross and a Black Browed Albatross accompany us on our way.

Once anchored at the south end of Nye Bay, we all get dropped at the
mouth of the Giblin river to begin our beach combing efforts. There's
not a soul in sight or any evidence that anyone has ever been here apart
from the the paw prints of the marsupials in the sand and the clean up

Plastics, rope, moorings, bottles and cans have found their way onto the
shores however, so there is plenty of work to do.

After a bite to eat on board a second collection took place on the rocky
shoreline at the North end of the beach. An excellent haul was made
here as well.

Among other things, a full tube of silicone sealant was retrieved and
lots of small plastics.

We departed Nye Bay for Stephens Bay after packing up at 1900.

Another great day enjoyed by all.

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