TEAM 2017

Dave Wyatt - Skipper of the Velocity.  Has been fishing and surfing the West Coast of Tasmania for over 20 years. He is the only reason the cleanup can continue in its present form donating the use of his boat for the week.  Check out his charter business website at

Darren Clark - Skipper of the Breaksea.  Has been fishing  the West and South Coasts of Tasmania for over 20 years. Darren is a Abalone Diver who's traditional canoe stern boat the Breaksea is one of a few traditional wooden boats still working the waters of the South West.

Tom Brown -  Skipper of the Wilsons Voyager. Tom is an ex crayfisherman and now farmer from the Derwent Valley. He has been kind enough to donate the use of his beautiful wooden fishing boat the Wilsons Voyager for the cleanup and return to a coast he has a long affinity with.

Matt Dell - Matt along with Dave has been involved with organising Marine Debris surveys of the South West Tasmanian WHA for over 10 years. Matt is a earth scientist, cartographer, photographer and keen surfer.

Masaaki Koyama - Masaaki is a master sushi chef who has been trying to down the knives and head around the coast with us for a couple of years now. Masaaki is a keen fisherman and surfer with a love of all the fine things Tassie has to offer.

Pat Spiers -  Pat is a field studies and digital outreach teacher from Sydney Australia. On any given work-day you'll either find him teaching students aged 5-18 in the swamps, woodlands and rivers of NSW, organising sustainability education outreach learning or running virtual outreach programs with schools all over the pacific rim. This is his second cleanup and he's stoked to have the extra job of sending a daily expedition dispatch to school students thanks to to support of Expedition class, The Australian Science teachers association and the Bookend trust.

Claire Butler - Having just finished studying marine science in Hobart, I am a keen marine enthusiast who enjoys diving, bushwalking, beach/water time, orienteering and (of coarse) picking up rubbish. Back on the trip for my 6th year, I can't wait to get around the coast and count a few (thousand!) more pieces of small plastic.

Rory Sanders -  I've been lucky to have grown up in Tasmania and spent a number of years working along its magnificent coastline. I'm currently employed as a watercraft operator and I am generally excited to help out with such a great cause and to be heading back around the south west coast after a two year hiatus. 

Sarah Proud -  SP works in community, art and science projects at Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art. After a reluctant leave of absence in 2016, SP joins us for her 6th clean up to visit the magical south west. 

Ula Majewski - Ula is a small rope specialist. She also works on Oxfam's food, climate and land justice campaigns, writes for White Horses and is currently living the dream on Vico's Surf Coast. This will be her sixth consecutive visit to the wild west with Team Clean and she's absolutely frothing!

Lachie McKenzie - Obsessed with all things aquatic, Lachie has spent most of his life in or surrounded by water. Currently working as an aquarist at Melbourne Aquarium he has seen first hand, the impact marine debris has on aquatic animals such as sea turtles and birds. He strongly believes we should all do our bit to protect the last truly wild habitats of this planet.  

Wes Gallichian - Wes is a fisherman and Hobby Farmer from the Huon Valley. He has been trying to come on the cleanup for about 10 years and finally gets a chance to join his neighbour Masaaki beach combing on some of his favourite beaches.

Alecia Brown - Ex Military medic turned orthopaedic device representative, I now spend many of my days locked in operating theatres, working for a global provider. I therefore enjoy getting into the outdoors and getting involved in whatever is going whenever I can!

Rian Taylor - I've been building and flying drones for about 6 years.  I love getting out into the wilderness and spending time on the ocean.  I currently work for Ignite Digi as a contract pilot on TV and documentary productions.

Dayna Trevaskis - as a maker, architect, guide and all-round adventurer and wild places wanderer, I have been privileged to join the South West Marine Debris Cleanup for 8 voyages... each time i visit i am simultaneously amazed and distressed to see such beautiful and wild places littered with fragments of rubbish, large and tiny... Participating in the SWMDC has opened my eyes to the extent of marine pollution worldwide and has given me a great opportunity to be active in being part of the solution

Jess Leitmanis - Artist, surfer and microplastics master.  Jess returns for her second trip after buying her way on through the crowdfunder in 2015. check out Jess's fantastic art some of which is made from the ropes repatriated during her last cleanup at

Rachel Alderman - Rachel returns for her second cleanup after a 10 year break. Her work on the Shy Albatross and new job as the head of the Nature Conservation Branch for the Tasmanian Government has kept her too busy to make it. 

Mike Trevalia - Michael is a designer who has extensive international experience in branding & design of retail, service centric and hospitality environments.

Jo Vucik - Jo is a Musician and Tiler who forms part of 'Miscellaneous Debris' playing live music for the crew during the evenings on the cleanup. He is a plastic ninja who puts in on the beach and is always one of the last on the tarp during the count.

Matt Martin - Matt is the National Sales Manager for Patagonia Australia and New Zealand. Matt has been helping behind the scenes for a number of years on the Cleanup.

Theo Wolfhagen - Theo is a Grade 8 Scotch Oakburn student who will be joining us to help Pat with the live online curriculum. I love bushwalking and being active outdoors, my favourite place to walk is on the Western Tiers and surrounding areas. 

Phillip Wolfhagen - Philip is one of Australia’s leading contemporary landscape painters. His paintings are inspired by the atmospheric landscape of northern Tasmania and the emotive qualities of light and weather. He lives and works near Longford, Tasmania with his wife Catherine and children, Hannah and Theo