TEAM 2018

Dave Wyatt - Skipper of the Velocity.  Has been fishing and surfing the West Coast of Tasmania for over 20 years. He is the only reason the cleanup can continue in its present form donating the use of his boat for the week.  Check out his charter business website at

Darren Clark - Skipper of the Breaksea.  Has been fishing  the West and South Coasts of Tasmania for over 20 years. Darren is a Abalone Diver who's traditional canoe stern boat the Breaksea is one of a few traditional wooden boats still working the waters of the South West.

Tom Brown -  Skipper of the Wilsons Voyager. Tom is an ex crayfisherman and now farmer from the Derwent Valley. He has been kind enough to donate the use of his beautiful wooden fishing boat the Wilsons Voyager for the cleanup and return to a coast he has a long affinity with.

Adam Buckpitt - Skipper of the Rumors. Experienced Abalone Diver, expert crayfisherman and masterchef.

Stuart Gould - Skipper of the Diamantina, Loves the chance to savour the coast in a non working capacity

Matt Dell - Matt along with Dave has been involved with organising Marine Debris surveys of the South West Tasmanian WHA for over 10 years. Matt is a earth scientist, cartographer, photographer and keen surfer.

Nick Harris - Cleanup veteran, abalone diver and dingy maestro. Harry is a veteran of the cleanup and provides lots of help on the count the most important part of the cleanup.

Masaaki Koyama - Masaaki is a master sushi chef who has been trying to down the knives and head around the coast with us for a couple of years now. Masaaki is a keen fisherman and surfer with a love of all the fine things Tassie has to offer.

Sarah Proud -  SP works in community, art and science projects at Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art. After a reluctant leave of absence in 2016, SP joins us for her 6th clean up to visit the magical south west. 

Rian Taylor - I've been building and flying drones for about 6 years.  I love getting out into the wilderness and spending time on the ocean.  I currently work for Ignite Digi as a contract pilot on TV and documentary productions.

Andrew Harbinson - 7 year veteran of the cleanup and entertainment director. Harbs is the lead musician of the Miscellaneous Debris and stand in tally master for the count. 

Holley Lees -I'm an ocean engineer, I worked at sea for 10 years in that time I saw plastic rubbish turn up in the most remote and seemingly  unlikely places. I would love to have an opportunity to help clean some up and see more of this epic part of Tassie.

Narissa Bax -My PhD, based in Tasmania, focused on coral reef connectivity in Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem (VME) regions of the Sub­-Antarctic, Antarctic, South America and the Patagonian fjords - wild and beautiful places. Working in these regions which are isolated, unexplored and of high conservation value has been an amazing opportunity.

Mandy McLeod - As a part of the Breaksea crew who appreciates the lively hood of our waters. I am doing my bit for our beautiful coastline and sealife.

Emma Bäcklund -  My name is Emma, I grew up in the north of Sweden and have lived the past six years in Australia. I studied Graphic Design in Melbourne and scored my dream job at Patagonia in Torquay so I moved down to work as a Graphic Designer. I have worked for Patagonia for the past four years or so and are a very passionate surfer.

Sarah Ross - I was born in Tassie and thrive on adventure <3 i love climbing, hiking, rafting and mountain biking and generally just being outdoors. I work in the environmental industry and I am keen to do my bit to help out. 

Jack Brown - Artist, cartoon writer and keen fisherman. Jack joins the crew for his second year with a keen eye for small plastics and novelty items.

Albert Wyatt - Recent college graduate who is currently working as a deckhand on his dads boat. First came on the trip as 12 year old. Albert will be helping out with the education program and providing tech support in the social media area.

Helen Coad -  My background in event management and project management has shown me that preventing waste and dealing correctly with the waste you create is vital. I believe it is important to help the general public to use the correct waste streams when visiting anywhere on our beautiful island and leave just their foot prints. Every time I hit the beach/bush, I end up with a pocket or bag of other people rubbish... every little bit helps.

Áine Nicholson - I'm a Tassie-born scientist who loves all things outdoors; diving, surfing, rock climbing, bushwalking, kayaking and of course playing the rubbish game (points for picking up rubbish). I'm keen to do my bit to help clean up the Tasmanian coastline and also for a Tassie wilderness adventure!

Andrew Fazackerley -  I love the great outdoors and especially Tassie's coastal areas so it's important to me to help clean up this growing problem of plastic pollution!

Madi Rosevear - Oceanography PhD student with a focus on the antarctic, Madi is just back from a season studying one of the biggest glaciers in east Antarctica. Outside of work, Madi is passionate about exploring wilderness (especially tassie's SW), both above and below the waterline, and about preserving it for future generations.

Ingrid Nielsen - I’m Ingrid, 26 year old paramedic and ocean and wilderness lover . 

Gerhard Mausz -  Gerhard was born in Germany and migrated to Tasmania in his mid twenties where he completed a BFA in 1996 at School for the Arts in Hobart. Since then he has completed over 20 public art commissions in the Hobart area and in the north of the state. The 2016 west coast clean up was a fantastic adventure collecting marine plastic debris. Gerhard was part of the 2017 Vanishing point exhibition focused on marine micro plastics.

Stefan Froelich - Stefan grew up in Germany, carpenter and cabinetmaker, moved to Tasmania for the love of the wild nature and ocean.

Shane McAloon - The best Christmas present I've ever received was being taught how to bodysurf buy my grandmother at East Beach, Port Fairy in South West Victoria at the age of about 6. This started a lifelong love affair with the ocean, which has seen me swim, dive and surf on all the coastlines of Australia and in oceans around the world. The ocean connects us and I feel a deep connection with the ocean. In my role as a school teacher I've been privileged to be able introduce the next generation to the joy of being in the ocean, yet I also feel a great sense responsibility to protect it and empower the students I teach to do the same.

Daniel Panek - General jack-of-all trades, data-monkey to debris-digger. Blessed to have been on the trip in 2011 and stoked to make it back on the SWMDCU team for 2018. Ready and raring to cover the beaches with footsteps and get the plastics out of these wonderful wild places.

Andrew Cubbon - Passionate rock climber who's spent the last twenty years travelling the world in search of quality rock in awe inspiring locations. Privileged to have spent a considerable portion of this time living in the nature, connecting with the landscape and it's inhabitants (of all shapes and sizes), away from the normal every day constraints of what society expects. A strong bond with the ocean, generated from a life of island living. In love with wilderness and eager to help maintain some on this ever shrinking planet.

Simon Bischoff - Simon is an avid bushwalker, rock climber and adventurer and has been documenting his experiences and others through photography, film and writing. Simon has contributed a film to this years BANFF mountain film festival, which will tour in Australia this year. Simon is passionate about the Tasmanian landscape and is excited to volunteer his time to preserve it.