Friday, March 22, 2013

New Habour to Recherche Bay

This morning at 4am the weather changed dramatically and at 6am Velocity dragged anchor forcing us to depart Mutton Bird Island heading south and for home.  Most crew slept through this and were greeted with another new breakfast location, New Harbour.  Internally this is known as Beercan Bay due to the high levels of aluminium cans that have been found here in the past and whilst the legend continued the count was down, 145 cans out of a total of 447 items.  The end has been called and we can proudly say we amassed 35777 pieces of rubbish making this again the largest haul ever, constant improvement of technique, equipment and detection contribute to this increase however the rubbish just keeps piling up.  It is good to see the impact we have made and know that we are making a difference in the real world.  The challenge is to find the sources, educate and assist in minimising the side effects of us living on this planet.  We are now anchored in Recherche Bay for our final night and can relax after a long hard week battling the elements and the rubbish.  The back deck of the Diamantina III is stacked high with our efforts and it is hard to believe looking at it that we have achieved what we have, who would think that such a remote place would accumulate so much trash, truck tyres, ropes, bouys and plastic plastic plastic.  Thanks to our generous sponsors and enthusiastic dedicated volunteers we hope to continue this mission into the future making the difference where we can and giving back to the land we live on.  Tomorrow brings the steam home and unloading the rubbish, it's going to be a satisfying end to a productive week. Rubbishaholics

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