Friday, March 22, 2013

Albert's Blog 21-3-2013 - Noyhener Beach

Day 6: The day began after a steam back down south to Stephens Bay that
took us all night, to go pick up the rubbish bags that we left on the
end of the beach, we got there at 7am, got the rubbish and headed south
again for Noyhener beach. We got in the bay at 8am, had breakfast and
got in the water for a good surf while the swell was rolling in. We were
in the water for a couple of hours. After getting dry and ready we ran
into the beach in the dinghy. As soon as the hit the beach we could
already see that it was covered in rubbish and that we were all in for a
big day. Once we collected as much as we could for the day we zipped it
all out to the boats and had a very mellow arvo. But not long after we
would have to all meet up on the Diamantina III to count a massive
amount of rubbish we got. Nobody was very keen for it since moast of us
had gone surfing and had a massive day onshore but it had to be done so
we hooked into it while Masaaki cooked us a very large amount of sushi
and sashimi. When we'd finished we were inhaling sushi by the dozen. For
Stephen Bay we got 3902 pieces and on Noyhener we got a massive 10871!
and now 8000 over the record of last year at around 35000 already! A
very good effort from the team.


  1. Flip! what a massive effort! SAd to see that more and more debris is washing up every year. It just underpins how important this cleanup is to the continuing monitoring and mitigation of trash builing up in the world heritage area....

    Great work Coastal Custodians!

  2. Did you see the large green rope buried on Noyhener Beach ? Not there now !! but still needs to be somehow moved off the shore line as we could not move it any further . Took us the whole day just to get it off the beach.