Thursday, March 21, 2013

Albert's Blog 20-3-2013

day 6: Today I started the day waking up a little late and missed out on
what sounded like a great breakfast. Once I'd woken up a bit more we set
out to clean up Nye Bay and the Giblin River. We got our gear ready and
zipped into the beach on the rubber ducky, it took a while to take in
such an amazing place but once we got started it seemed like we couldn't
stop. i went for a stroll/wade down the Giblin and found a few big
pieces of rubbish such as an unused silicone tube, fluorescent light and
a fuel container. After that beach we took the rubbish back to the boats
and hopped into our wetties to check out the beach breaks, we found a
consistent right hander and with an off shore wind the surf was great.
After a good 2 hours i paddled back to the boat to grab a snag or two
for lunch while the others surfed a different break called north point.
At the end of the day most of the crew went ashore again to pick up
rubbish while me and a few others took the ducky over to Diamantina III
to count up the first beach. We got 2874 on the first beach and ____
on the second. Over all it was a great day with 26 degrees, turquoise
seas and orange, blue and white skies.

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