Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Albert's blog 18-3-2013

Day 4: Today was a very eventful day. I woke up at round 9:30am after a
nice sleep. not long after, we got into our wet weathers and set off
through the bush along the 40 minute walk from Spain Bay to Stephens Bay
with our wet suits and boards hoping for a surf. As we caught sight of
the bay we could see that it was a bit sloppy but surfable. Before we
could get into the water we had to clean up the 5km long beach on the
way we found a fair amount of rubbish but not even close to last years
amount. Amongst the rubbish I found a few immunity items! with 2 and a
half plastic army men and a lego cap I got very lucky but then I found a
fist sized piece of ambagriss (whale vomit) which is very valuable in
France so i might have made my self $800!. On the walk back on the beach
I saw a plastic crate that could be used as a sought of sled for my
rubbish, so i tied my rope on to one end put all my gear in the sled and
set off for a very tiring 4k's with the sled behind me. at the end of
the beach we left the rubbish in a pile to pick up on the way back. at
the end of a big day we were having tuna sashimi and a very well earned

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