Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Albert & Zac's Blog 19-3-2013

Day 5: The day began with a steam north to The Mulchay Bay. We dropped
anchor at the north side of the bay and decided to go for a surf. it was
5 foot, off shore and pumping. After a great surf we join the beach
party to do our bit for the environment. While we cleaned up Mulchay
beach the sky turned blue, after a few days of cloud and rain it was
nice to get a bit of sun. After a quick bite for lunch we set off south
for Wreck Bay, we all went in to the beach through very tricky landing
conditions (more pumping swell). The 20 of us on the beach cleaned up
all the unwanted rubbish in a matter of 3 hours. At the end of the day
we all met up on the Diamattina III for a well deserved dinner. World
renowned sushi chef Masaaki cooked up a mean storm in the kitchen, with
all the delights of the ocean,you cant go hungry. The count of the
rubbish was done while the food was cooking, a tally of 3520 peices of
rubbish on Mulchay and 5453 pieces on Wreck Bay, making it a total of
8973 pieces of marine rubbish for the day. At 11:55 it's time to retire

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