Thursday, April 26, 2012

Plastic Shoreline

Date: 25/4/2012
Location: Spain Bay
Rubbish of the Day: Toy Soldier
Species of the Day: Wedge-tailed Eagle

Early morning move to Spain Bay before bringing the bbq's out for a breakfast fry-up. Eggs and bacon must have gone to Dayna's head as she offered the Breaksea crew up for the first assault of the beach in the north east corner. It was rope strings vs plastic confetti in a gruelling four hour battle but 9533 pieces later it was Harb's toy soldier that won the immunity prize. Velocity team steam-cleaned the
rest of the beach and a late lunch left everyone rolling around, this time nothing to do with the waves. A beautiful afternoon cruise through the narrows replenished Velocity's water supply while Miles and Karen went for a paddle to Caroline Rock in flat seas.

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