Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cans Cans Cans

Date: 27/4/2012
Location:  Spain Bay To New harbour
Rubbish of the day: Toaster Oven
Species of the day: Shy Albatross

From the calm of Spain bay we ran down the coast chased by albatross on a following sea, with a boat load of garbage.  Maatsuyker in a sun beam stood out against the low gray sky as we anchored in New Harbour, now known as “Cascade Can Cove” for some Abalone diving.   Of the 1115 pieces, 408 were cans.  For the trip so far we have 23,847 bits of crap off those wild beaches.  Can cove shore is dyed red with dinoflagellates but mostly closing out,. 
The Abs are being beaten by KC, Karen is back from paddling sea arches, mermaid Claire spent half an hour swimming with no wetsuit, garbage is sorted and stowed, The level of laughter is steadily increasing and the forcast is on the radio....  Gale warning 30-40 NW going 35-45 SW Swell increasing to 7-9 metres. Hmmm  should be a good surf back to Researche bay on the boats

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