Saturday, April 28, 2012

100,000 items and beyond

Date: 26/4/2012
Location: Spain Bay to Stephens Beach and Back
Rubbish of the Day: Chocolate Easter egg
Species of the Day: Sperm and Blue Whale

There is a misty drizzle in the fog lights overnight in Spain Bay. Today the unsuspecting crew trekked to Stephens Beach. Dirty! Big and long! All along the dunes and behind clumps of low vegetation there was global flotsam and jetsam repatriated in the welcome sun. The bright blues, reds and greens in stark contrast to the more ancient white middens. Way out here on the SW ocean beaches is the other end of our consumption. It seemed only right to remove everything that did not belong in this special place.

The 3km rubbish drag tested the mettle of many. Luckily we had mettle to spare. Eleven thousand seven hundred and twenty one PIECES were collected, hauled and counted by a hard working crew. Another legendary dinner followed by the most amazing full funk freak out, "Live on the Deck" Jammin! Not content with owning the Club V music scene Harbs toughened up and admirably assisted, with a special mention, in the front deck cray fishing on the Chiefy.

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