Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spain Bay and Normans Cove

Day 5 - Monday 5 March

Team Clean woke up in the sheltered anchorage of Clayton's Corner. After a slow morning we steamed out of Port Davey and around to Spain Bay, our target for the clean up that day. Aboard the Velocity an alternate plan was cooking, we would head to Norman's Cove, suit up and paddle into the beach to do a clean up. If waves were caught along the way, so much the better.

We felt like pretty hard-core beach cleaners rocking up in our wetties, little did we know that some hard-core cleaning lay ahead! While Norman's Cove was small, it seemed to be a magnet for marine debris and we filled our bags over and over. A few hours in we started to regret our surf-style arrival, the sun was out and we were sorely missing our sunnies, hats and refreshments! Cap'n Dave came to the rescue, dropping supplies into the beach, and these got us over the line. When we cruised back into Spain Bay, the rest of Team Clean were impressed with our haul! They had sweated it out on the sand collecting all the little stuff. 

A big clean meant a big count (21,126 pieces of trash off the beach and onto the boat!) but it went in a flash because we knew what Masaaki was working on aboard the Velocity... Three days after it was caught it was finally time to get stuck into the fat, fat bluefin he had caught. The sashimi platter that resulted blew our collective minds! With fresh wasabi to boot. A stellar day on the water in the south west!

Blog by Madi


  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if this is something I would be able to get involved with? I am passionate about the environment, keeping Tasmania clean and I am keen to help out! However, I can't find a contact on the website to email anyone. If there is a process It'd be great if you could let me know :)

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  3. Great article. Let's take care of our mother nature and beach.


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