Friday, March 9, 2018

Nye Bay and the Giblin River

Day 7 – Wednesday 7 March

With the promise of good conditions and the wind easing, we took our window of opportunity to head north, steaming off early from Green Island Main. Nye Bay is a favourite for the team with huge coastal dunes and the mouth of the Giblin River making for some stunning scenery.

We found lots of familiar big items – trawl nets, buoys and old fish bins – along with lots of other rubbish, but micro plastics were the favourite of the day, concentrated in small intense patches along the beach.

At lunch, the majority of the crew jumped in dinghies and headed up the Giblin River for a sight-seeing tour. The quick sand at the water’s edge claimed a few crew who were suddenly thigh deep in the slimy sand.

When we returned, we continued to sweep in line formation up the beach, everyone’s heads below hips for optimal micro plastic collection, occasionally distracted by the myriad animal prints that criss-crossed the beach. Slowly, we are picking up the tracks of the locals and trying to identify some of the movements that the wildlife are making.

Sun sun sun and lots of sand – an amazing day in the wild west. 

Oh yeah, and 11,965 pieces of trash removed from the area today. Another job well done.

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