Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lay day in Bond Bay

Day 9 - Friday 9 March

After a record breaking count on day 8 (of nearly 40,000 pieces!!), the cleanup team was delighted to hear the skippers announce that day nine was going to be a leisure day. For the first time in cleanup history, the team did not pick up rubbish on a fair weather day. What a treat in the such a location!

The surfers went surfing, kayakers went kayaking, fish were caught and coastlines explored and enjoyed.

After an early start from the stunning Nye Bay, all bar the surfers, who headed north in search of the perfect wave, headed south, back to the sheltered oasis of Port Davey.

The skippers rafted the boats together and a feast from the mornings catch was prepared. Abalone, lobster and fresh fish all washed down with ice cold beverages; Moo-Brew and Gillespies ginger treats all lovingly donated and chilled perfectly - thanks Craig Moysten for the ice! After much digesting, the team was ferried onto the shores of Bond Bay for an afternoon of exploring the calm beaches and surrounding forests.

Most swam in the unseasonably warm and glassy waters. Some headed off into the forests overlooking the beach in search of bird-life, others strolled down the pristine squeaky sands that melt seamlessly into the lush green, sculpted lawns below the Melaleuca canopy.

Truly, an amazing day for everyone involved and a sunset to remember. An evening of fine fresh food including chef Masaaki's crumbed abalone delights and a five boat soirée, got us re-energized for another day of relieving a stunning beach of its unwanted plastic invaders.

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