Sunday, March 4, 2018

11,313 pieces of rubbish!

March 3rd ~ Day 3

Turns out that everyone slept in except me on the Velocity, so I was Dellegated to put the jug on. We strapped up a sensational egg and mackerel muffin for brekkie, delicioso!

The team headed in to Stephen's beach around 9am after a few crew decided on an early morning dip to blow out the cobwebs. Dave the skipper and I squared the boat away and then moved up to the north end of the bay in readiness for the clean up crew to return from the beach. While the clean up crew worked tirelessly bending their backs to pick up 11313 minute pieces of rubbish (of which I picked up >two pieces of small rope), I lay back on the deck! 

We attempted to put up a tarp in readiness for the evening count, but due to the 20 knot winds we did a shabby job. Despite the sideways rain and sub‐standard tarp set‐up Masaaki and Gerhard whipped up a storm, both master chefs whipped up a banquet of freshly caught tuna and abalone and fed the whole team, ready for a long night in the safety of Schooner Cove of superb music from Jay and Harbs and a sample of Moobrews, Splendid Gin and Gillespies ginger beer.

Words by Zac (Team Clean's Official Cultural Attaché)

Images by Madi Rosevear

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  1. Great job people , and please keep in mind to watch for anything that maybe from the missing plane MH370.
    Would love to give a hand in some small way with your work or the people who deal with the 'Sea Spurge', I'm on FB if anyone wants to contact me or my friends.
    Regards, Arthur Blackwell