Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Departure imminent

Wow what a frantic day.  Ula the crowdfunding and media guru was on the email early getting the media release and strategy for the final day of the Pozible crowd funder sorted. I finished the last few admin tasks at the Uni and then headed out to the Dimantina III for the delivery from our kind friend Dave McGill from Moo Brew. Then a quick trip back into town some supplies for the trip and a quick trip to the pre poll venue to vote in the upcoming Tasmanian election. I dropped in on our long time sponsor Rob Pennicott to thank him for his generous ongoing support of our cleanup efforts. A quick 10 minute ABC radio interview was followed by a visit to the Wilson's Voyager to help Tom with some last minute jobs on the boat. At last at 8 pm I can start packing for the trip and planning our schedule around the weather. At this stage it looks like a nice cruise along the South Coast on Friday, then  possible beach mission on Saturday. Its going to be 20-30 knots and 3-4 metres on Sunday, so there might be some downtime for the crew as we hunker down in Port Davey. Let the Adventure begin :)

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