Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 4 - Schooner Cove - Mt Rugby - Horse Shoe Inlet

Day 4 Blog

Q. What has 30 heads and 60 wet feet? A. The south west coast clean up
crew. Very wet day today here on the clean up, so our dreams of hitting
the beaches was postponed until the tropical weather shows up tomorrow.
Nothing could dampen our spirits however, and the team split into three
groups, some opting to tackle Mount Rugby (the view from the top was not
too bad, some said all white), some crew went to find the fabled MONA
Art installation while some of the die hard clean up crusaders hit the
rocky coast to see what rubbish they could find. After making it safely
back to the boat, Masaaki worked his magic again, constructing a
Patagonia Logo replica platter out of fresh Tuna, some nourishing
Crayfish miso soup, and the Odalisque crew made some tasty pizzas.
Having made the most out of a very wet day, the crew is keen to get back
on clean-up mission tomorrow.

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