Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Green Island - Bramble Cove

A afternoon steam up from yesterdays clean-up site at Low Rocky allowed
the surfers to have a awesome sunset session near our Green Island
anchorage. The talk of the rubbish count that night was all about the
volume of rubbish we'd discover the next day, in a foul pit of
decomposing kelp soup. Green Island Main & Duckhole lived up to these
descriptions today. A record haul of 37,438 pieces of manmade rubbish
was carefully picked out of kelp on one beach, and rocks on the second.
Long ropes were extracted from elbow deep rotting kelp. The
back-breaking hours hunched over, collecting thousands of small peices
of rope and plastic, were repeated on the boat decks, sorting and
counting every rubbish category. Hats off to all the crew, for pushing
through when at times you wonder why? The job satisfaction of beaches
transformed to their natural glory in a few gruelling hours is the
motivation. Longterm volunteers also inspire us when they tell how much
healthier the previously-cleaned beaches are now looking, after years of
rubbish hauling efforts. An honour to be part of such an awesome
effort today, the BushPigs.

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