Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 6 Elliot Bay - Green Island

After a late nights count everyone slept soundly, rocking around on a
rolly anchorage. We awoke to view the fully amazing scenery we had
rocked up to during the previous evenings darkness and prepped up to hit
the beaches. Being four years since we had last cleaned Elliot Bay at
Low Rocky Point, we were expecting a record haul, but recent rains left
the beach sand concealing many plasticky mysteries. Whilst Spikey
amassed a large rubber collection, bait straps, beer cans and small
plastics piled in up in quantity in each of our bags. Ness and Claire
individually handpicked grains of polystyrene, all the while imagining
how enjoyable it would be counting each of them again during the
evening's tally! We finished up on the beaches round 3:30 and steamed
south, having completed our clean of the northernmost beach in our
survey area. The evenings count had a technical difficulty rating of
about 6/10, broken into shifts among each of the different boat crews,
and we managed to count through a hefty 4567 pieces.

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