Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 5 Schooner Cove - The Giblin - Elliot Bay

Most of the crew were up at 5.30 am and made up to the Giblin for a very
long day cleaning both beach and rocky shore. The beach was deceptively
clean due to recent rain which fluffs up the sand burying the plastic a
few centimetres below the sand. Even so the team managed 2569 items
in 31/2 hours. Some early risers managed to make a start on the
more rocky shore to the south of the beach which yeilded an
abundance of plastic bottles and small pieces of rope. Special mention
goes to Harry for his valiant effort in battling the surf to retrieve a
lost cray pot, buoy and line. After dragging the rubbish back to the
river the teams split up to clean the rest of the rocky shore. It was a
long afternoon with the last team leaving the rocks at 7.30pm after
sifting through shiny pebbles, prickly bushes and rotting kelp to
retreive an epic 12,280 items off the rocky shore. Techinical difficulty
rating of 8/10, overall rubbish coverage of the rocks was an all time
11/10! A big days effort produced a mega count for the evening which
was conducted on a rolly anchorage, adding to the overall difficulty of
the counting task - technical rating of 9/10. The count was finished at
11.30 pm and the beachcombers returned to their respective boats for a
well earned sleep.

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  1. Phew! Massive effort! Great work team.... Monday rest day? hahaha