Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bramble Cove - Mutton Bird Island - Recherche Bay

An early morning steam to Muttonbird Island, it was an overcast and damp start through a kelp field that landed us on one of the more spectacular beaches of the South West WHA. Last year we spent a full day on this beach and collected a huge amount so we were intrigued to see how it was this time around.  Recent rain as we have learned keep the surface plastic covered, you need to dig to find it. And as always at first glance it looked pretty clean, 3 hours and 22 bags of rubbish later it was clear it wasn't.
Finally the Dellagator gave us the word we could stop, so off to the dinghies we went.  The pickups from the beach weren't easy so we went to the rocky point, we were already soaked by rain then got soaked by the sea, Masaaki had the right idea, a wetsuit, the rubbish ninja!

With a fresh NW breeze we pulled the anchors and headed towards South West Cape, en route to Recherche Bay.  The Diamantina crew did the final count on the way and we were very surprised by the total of a day which felt a casual stroll in comparison to the Duckholes, 10644 pieces of rubbish, an almost exclusive club of rope and plastic pieces.  An interesting and satisfying result of our annual efforts is seeing massive improvement on beaches we visited the previous year, however if left a couple of years then the buildup can be extreme.  We are making a difference to a special part of our world, and hope we can inspire others to take care of their part of our world. Theres a couple of bags still to be counted from the the Odalisque crew on the way down but the total stands at 79084 pieces of rubbish, this is another record haul from the team, many happy faces.

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