Thursday, March 5, 2015

6 Days to departure

Well its that hectic time of the year again when we start getting the boats and crews geared up for the ultimate beachcombing adventure.  This year the Velocity, Diamantina and Breaksea will be joined by Pieter van der Woude's new charter vessel the Odalisque II. This flotilla will take the largest contingent ever of volunteers to the remote beaches of Southwest Tasmania. Many thanks to the myriad of generous sponsors and particularly the fishermen for donating their vessels and expertise as none of the past 15 years efforts would be possible without them. We have a number of new faces joining the team this year and there short bios can be found on the Team page.

The weather for departure day and the few after that look interesting to say the least.
One thing is for sure its not going to be a nice calm trip along the bottom of Tasmania.

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