Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plastic Midden Day 2

Woke up to a few mosquito bites and the day immediately began to get
better into epic.
Smashed the end of the beach to the tune of another 10902 items, it was
brilliant. Zac would have said so.
Dominating the landscape were the mind blowing middens, towering over
our rubbish hunt. The last two days at this beach we have collected an
enormous amount of debris (around 25000 items). We all split off into 3
groups after the hunt. Some went off fishing, others surfing and another
group off to check out a century old ship wreck. All the end of the day
activities were framed by the backdrop of a generous sunset flip
flopping bad crazy colors. The fishing crew smashed it with stripeys
being dragged from the depths and some rookie muscles tested. The
treasure hunters found treasure and the surf was good. An early start on
the sort allowed the master Masaaki to step up and impress all with his
knife skills and mastery of tasty tuna snacks. Sorry,very very tasty
tuna snacks. Have to go now theres more nigiri :)

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