Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday Blog

Tuesday 19th

Morning refreshingly quiet after Monday's rain with a cool wind and an overcast sky but weather mild and fine. Our next destination was decided, Louisa Bay. Shy albatross, crested terns and fairy prion's kept Odalisque company on the water. The southern ranges to the north – Cox's Bluff and Red Pt dominant – and the sun striking Maatsuyker Island made this short passage visually stunning. The cleanup crews were dispatched starting with west Louisa Bay beach – usual rope, cans, plastic debris were found. Unusual items included a 20 ltr drum of used engine oil and a complete wet suit without a diver! Louisa Bay was quite clean after New Harbour with its 600 beer cans. Hunters and gatherers returned with abalone, crayfish and sea urchin. We had happy hour's on all boats with the main meal - to be Asian based - on the good ship Odalisque . No doubt reviews of today and plans for tomorrow will be discussed.

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