Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday Blog

A wapping 10,274 items of rubbish collected - that's a lot of bending down! Waking up to white-water and pulling pots close to the rocky coast was challenging. Hats off to Deano who recovered all, with plenty of crayfish. Missed cleaning the beaches :{ amazed by the effort the other guys put in. Who would be anywhere else? Seven hours on the beach in two split teams, saw Matty and I trying to convince each other, via two-way radio, that we had more rubbish than either team... the on board evening sort showed that we were probably both right... WHAT A HAUL! Looking at the back of the boat carrying the rubbish tonight, the view resembles something similar to a whole seven days effort from previous trips... everyone has fingers crossed for a rest day????!!!... to be continued...

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