Monday, April 5, 2010

A truly spectacular day!!

Mega rope!

Pulling Craypots out of a medium other than water is difficult.

Dara's long drag

The Emu Bob spread out to cover the entire width of the beach.

Skipper Dave Wyatt dragging his improvised sled of debris from one end of the beach to the other.

In search of ropes up behind the dunes.

Transcript Five – Guest Blogger Hania Watt, reporting on what sounds to be an extra ordinary day. Sent via satellite phone at 10 pm 5th of April 2010

“Hi there! Today was another early rise at 5 am to check the craypots. I chose to take the offer to give Dave and the crew of the Chieftain G a hand with hauling the pots this morning and let the two young boys catch up on their beauty sleep. Sunrise revealed another glorious day on the west coast. We all enjoyed a relaxing morning with the team taking part in …[broken and garbled message]*…, surfing or fishing. We then shared a hearty baked bean breakfast before hitting. …..[extended static and broken garbled message]...... as I am sending this blog we have the Aurora Australis** lighting up these south western sky’s, while skippers Dave and Deano have the guitars out and are jamming live west coast fisherman rock!”

Notes :
* A completed blog entry will appear once the team are back in satellite communication. It really is the wilderness out there after all!
** The loss of information from today’s blog is possibly explained by the “rain” of charged particles in the upper atmosphere which cause the Aurora Australis. It is plausible that these charged particle also interrupt the satellite communication required to send the blog.

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