Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grand Midden Beach

This beach is usually the dirtiest of the trip it yeilded 3430 items this year
Hamish hauling and checking out the surf
4 ply rope. Great new tie-up ropes for the Velocity and cheiftan G
Rest after a long haul
Rubbish Run.

Transcript Three – North of Port Davey, amongst the middens. Report sent by Matt via satellite phone at 9 pm 3rd April 2010

“We had another big day! The crews of the Miss Carmen and Chieftain G all rose at 4:30 am to lift the craypots, with all hands on deck helping, in 3.5 meter seas and light winds. We then proceeded on to “Grand Midden” beach. After a tricky beach landing on the south end of the beach, we found the beach fouled with considerable amount of large plastic pieces, bottles, buoys, nets and ropes. In all we collected 3430 items. The debris collected today were generally larger items, much different to the plastic bottles and small items collected at Spain Bay. Once again the most numerous items were small pieces of rope followed by plastic pieces, bait strips and caps and lids. After a big day the crew cooled off with a late arvo surf. The waves were chest to head high punchy beach breaks. Coxy scored the wave of the day, air dropping into an inside dredger, to the hoots of all. Vege curry and chilli beans for dinner and another early night. … Hey Jim can you call us back with a swell forecast…?”

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