Monday, April 5, 2010

Spending Easter Sunday between Shipwreck Bay and Paradise

Full Rancid Better Milk Carton
Tricky Beach Departure
The Crew of 2010 relaxing after a full morning's cleaning
Sam hauling back to the Zodiacs

Transcript Four – Guest blogger 13 year old Oscar Wyatt, reporting on the trip between “Shipwreck Beach” and “Paradise Bay”. Sent via satellite phone at 9 pm 4th April 2010 (Easter Sunday)

“Up at 5 am with the very loud sound of the chain coming from the seabed. Got into the cabin and had some Weetbix, then I realised that we had some Easter eggs in the cupboard! Hamish and I had some and then went and got our gear on to help pull the (cray)pots. Fishing was successful this morning getting a fish a pot. After that we went to clean “Shipwreck Beach”. All was good making it through the breakers, and cleaning the beach too, because there wasn’t much rubbish; which is a good sign, in a way. After cleaning the beach and having a look at the wreck, we steamed up to “Paradise Bay” the sun was getting low. The surf was alright, but the only thing that was working was the button reef. It was a bit chunky for me so I stayed back and chilled on the boat. When everybody got back, Harry and I decided to go for a “skurf” with our home-made ghetto tow rope. Back on board everybody was getting ready to sort some rubbish. We ended up collecting 3092 items for the day. Crayfish pizzas for dinner washed down with nice cold Gillespie’s Ginger beer, all to bed early again tonight with the sweet memories of a good day."

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