Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Departure imminent

Wow what a frantic day.  Ula the crowdfunding and media guru was on the email early getting the media release and strategy for the final day of the Pozible crowd funder sorted. I finished the last few admin tasks at the Uni and then headed out to the Dimantina III for the delivery from our kind friend Dave McGill from Moo Brew. Then a quick trip back into town some supplies for the trip and a quick trip to the pre poll venue to vote in the upcoming Tasmanian election. I dropped in on our long time sponsor Rob Pennicott to thank him for his generous ongoing support of our cleanup efforts. A quick 10 minute ABC radio interview was followed by a visit to the Wilson's Voyager to help Tom with some last minute jobs on the boat. At last at 8 pm I can start packing for the trip and planning our schedule around the weather. At this stage it looks like a nice cruise along the South Coast on Friday, then  possible beach mission on Saturday. Its going to be 20-30 knots and 3-4 metres on Sunday, so there might be some downtime for the crew as we hunker down in Port Davey. Let the Adventure begin :)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

4 Days to Departure

The boats are all back in port and early preparations are underway. The 32 strong team have just a few days more before they can put away the phones and immerse themselves in the wonder that is the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.  The weather looks to have turned in our favour, so we will hopefully be able to access the expansive west facing beaches that provide us with our bounty.

If you have not had the chance please support or Pozible Crowdfunder so we can spread our message far and wide amongst through our education portal Coastwatchers.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Crowdfunder Launcher - Two weeks till departure

The 2018 Cleanup is just two weeks away and we have just launched our Pozible crowd funder to help cover the costs of the extra boat we are taking along this year.  The team will comprise 32 eager volunteers on 5 fishing vessels and will depart weather permitting on the 1st of March. Please click on the link or picture above to donate.