Saturday, February 18, 2017

Quick morning update

The troops from the Rumours and the Velocity rallied down at the wharf at Southport this morning. Excitement was rippling through the air. Any human that's been lucky enough to venture around the South West cape before know's that we're in for a treat. Only the eyes of the fortunate few that have rested upon this raw and inaccessible part of the earth. Rugged and dramatic, the South West Cape lurches out of the ocean, making feel small and insignificant in the shadow of the majestic coastline. For this very reason the anticipation was palpable.

The sun beamed down  as we packed the last of our supplies onto the decks, and put our ginger beers on ice in preparation for the journey ahead. Rumours and Velocity steamed out of port at close to 10:30am.

The Breaksea steamed down to Dover last night, and departed at a similar time to us this morning. Wilson Voyager got the jump on us having left Hobart last night, and anchoring at Recerche for the
night... They are out in front.

When we hit the exposed ocean, we look set to encounter a solid 4 meter swell with the icing on the cake being a 1.5m chop of sea on top... As we round the corner we'll be greeted by a friendly 25 knot nor'westerly headwind. Looking forward to some exciting adventures ahead...

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