Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 5 blog

Waking to another stunning morning in Mulcahy Bay to a light Northerly breeze and small swell.

Team Velocity departed early, heading for Low Rocky Point.
The remaining teams (Wilsons voyager, Rumours and Breaksea) hit the wide open Mulcahy beach, with huge rolling sand dunes and a beautiful little tannin
stained fresh water rivulet.

Since Low Rocky Point was last cleaned in 2014, the numbers were consistent with todays count. Noticeable less large rubbish however, with similar amounts of small plastics, bait savers and rope.

On face value, Mulcahy Bay seemed pristine but after some searching by the remaining group, a total count reached over 8000 items along a circa 1 kilometre stretch. The usual small plastic candidates were again in the thousands, including a my little pony, a plastic polar bear and a "trolls" Pez candy dispenser.

After a warm sunny afternoon, with high cirrus clouds heralding a strong Northerly wind,
we turned tail and headed for Port Davey and safe anchorage.

The final count for both crews exceeded 11,000 individual items, another reminder of the importance in keeping our beaches and coast line pristine.

Hopefully tomorrow conditions will permit us to hit Stephens beach for a cleanup. Stephens is documented as having the highest wave energy of any beach in Australia, so even though we cleaned it up real good last year, we would expect there to be a fair bit of litter churned up from the sand. We'll see…

Peace out Girl Scouts!

By Mike and co.