Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2 Messages in bottles at Towterer beach

Day 4

We were greeted with a sunny sky this morning at Towterer beach, and headed to the shore with a few butterflies in our tummies – last time this beach was cleaned it took us two days! A small science team was dispatched to survey the dunes and towering middens, and the rest of us got stuck into the rubbish. The first great find was a message in a bottle, launched from Kergualen Plateau in 2014, and the second was.. another message in a bottle! This one from Kettering by a yacht that had just completed the Sydney to Hobart, also in 2014, but had not won so we threw it back (…JOKE not really). The other rubbish collected included a lot of our favourite SMALL PLASTICS, in particular a very large number of nerdles. Once you start finding them, you can't stop, and we all got on our hands and knees! The total for the day was 15000, significantly less than the 28,000 haul from 2 years ago, however given the recent rain we suspect much of the small plastics were buried just under the surface. Our days work ended with a steam up to Mulchay Bay, where we found a good spot for a dive/snorkel and a few waves which, despite a rolley count, made for four boats of happy punters.


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