Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 1

Coming around Whale Head and southeast cape we we?re greeted by 20 knots of SW with 2 meters of sea slowing us down a fair bit and making the traveling a little interesting. With only two or three troops subsiding to the sea sickness, we pushed through along the south coast keeping busy by catching and reeling in a few blue fin tuna and stopping just inside Big Witch Island to catch a feed of flatty for dinner. After a long day of steaming we arrived in New Harbor, about 5 miles east of southwest cape for some well deserved tucker and sleep.

The skippers woke up at sparrow fart after the westerly had passed allowing us to steam around southwest cape and up into Port Davey. The team woke up in Spain Bay to the sound of the anchors dropping. A quick cook up of eggs and bacon whilst admiring the quarts cliffs of Davey and we were ready for the big day of cleaning and beach combing ahead.

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