Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marion Bay Cleanup MKII - 11 December

Every year thousands of tonnes of marine debris washes up on our coastlines as a result of poor waste management from both recreational and commercial fishing activities. Much of this rubbish also enters our waterways & oceans through the inconsiderate disposal of unwanted goods at our very doorstep – in our cities, and towns. Around Australia, 80% of our population is distributed within 50km of the coast - Testimony to our love of the beaches and oceans surrounding our Island homes. In order to preserve our coastal havens, we must act now, to preserve these areas for future generations.

When: 10.30am Sunday 11 December

Meet at: Marion Bay Car park

What to bring: Sunscreen, sunhat, rain jacket, snacks and something to keep you hydrated while we’re on the beach (we will provide bags for rubbish).

Afterwards: we will sort the rubbish, and record data.

After afterwards: we will head back into town for a debrief & a well-earned beer.

We hope that this will be the first of many clean-ups around the beaches surrounding Hobart, so if you have any suggestions on future sites to clean, please let us know.