Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Abc Radiuo Interview - Pre Trip

ABC Interview - Pre Trip

ABC Radio Interviews

ABC Interview - Post Trip

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kuni's Photos

Japanese fashion and surf photographer Kuni Takanami joined us on the cleanup this year documenting the trip for principal sponsor Patagonia. We all love his photos. Please enjoy this initial selection. More photos will follow in the next few weeks.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Return Media Release

Media Alert
Marine Debris Cleanup team returns to Hobart with a record haul

Saturday, 12th April 2014

What: Marine Debris Cleanup boats return to Hobart
When: 12:30pm today, Saturday 12th April
Where: Victoria Dock, Hobart

The great Tasmanian South West Marine Debris Cleanup team will return to Hobart today, carrying a record haul of 48340 pieces of rubbish from the remote beaches of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.  

“We’ve spent the last seven days cleaning a massive wave of trash from some of our most spectacular wild beaches. This year’s cleanup expedition has been bigger than ever, collecting over 13,000 more pieces of rubbish than last year’s record count of 35,408” said cleanup coordinator Matt Dell.

The 22 cleanup volunteers experienced the best weather in years, enabling the crew to fully clean the often inaccessible Towterer Beach for the time in 15 years. Over two days the crew removed around 27,330 pieces of rubbish from this beach alone.

“The annual cleanup is a key part of the global effort to tackle marine debris, which chokes our oceans and critically impacts marine life” said Dell.

Two of the three cleanup boats – the Velocity and the Diamontina III – will be arriving at Victoria Dock this afternoon to unload the massive haul of rubbish.

For more information, contact Matt Dell on 0419 922 887

High resolution images available

Safe Achorage

The boats arrived at Recherche Bay in the early hours after a steady journey across the rugged southern coast of Tasmania. After another magnificent breakfast the crews hit the shore for a leisurely stroll around the very clean beaches of the bay. It was a welcome sight for the crew after the large hauls off all the visited beaches on the southwest coast . Small bits of broken glass a few aluminium cans, some plastic and foam is all we could find in a total of 398 items.  The crew spent the last afternoon cleaning the decks and feasted on a Masaaki custom Patagonia sashimi platter and Simon's beer battered stripey and chips, before the band fired up for the last concert of the trip.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plastic dreaming

The crew awoke a little later than usual after Harbs, Joey and Julius treated us to an evening of sublime music and the whole crew hit the dance floor. We headed south from Spain Bay in Port Davey past the Caroline Islands onto the wide beautiful Noyhener Beach.

The Patagonia boys took their chance to shoot some video and water photos under sunny skies with nice clean 3 foot right handers breaking right into a river channel on the beach. Dustin ended up surfing for around 6 hours as the swarm of rubbish cleaners systematically scoured the beach from end to end. The beach was relatively clean after we cleaned it for the first time in ten years last year but once again small plastics and pieces of rope were prominent . A total of 9425 items were removed, marginally down from the 9877 items collected last year

After a long day on the beach the rest of the surfers on the trip enjoyed the same quality waves for the last few hours of light set to a background of majestic sand dunes backed by towering quartzite peaks, while the rest fished, swam and soaked up the scenery. With some nasty weather forecast the crew headed further south for a safe sheltered anchorage.