Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 3

Day 3

The day started with some keen workers going for a morning dip in the 16deg waters of Schooner Cove, due to the unfavourable surfing conditions this was the first wash for many!

We then set sail for Green Island Main beach, a veritable treasure trove of small plastics buried amongst the fragrant rotting kelp the area is well known for. It didn't disappoint and the team gathered over 15000 pieces in 3-4hours of intense pit diving.
Matt also used the time to refine his 3D mapping techniques using drones and GPS in a most impressive display of technological wizardy.
Whilst the count was lower than previous years, we were still disappointed to see that such a huge quantity of plastic had accumulated since last year, but most notably in smaller forms.
The afternoons adventures in plastic continued further around the corner at The Duckhole, a quite pleasant stoney beach underlayed with mountains of rope hairs and more small plastics. Lucky us! Masaaki fabricated some spectacular eyewear in form of two holey limpets, which provided some excellent sun protection from the blazing sunshine. Technical difficulty here of 8/10 due to prolific stinging nettles and jackjumper nests, and at least one Tiger snake was spotted. Final tally for this extraction coming soon!

We then headed to South East Bight to try and escape the neverending roll of the exposed West Coast where we have anchored for the night.

The plan for tomorrow in to head to Towterer, but while writing this we have just been informed that The Mulcahy is more likely due to weather conditions. This may well change a few times before we set off tomorrow and we will end up where the wind blows us, as is the norm on the cleanup. Wherever we go there will be rubbish to collect we can be sure of that !

Dayna, Harbs and Joey

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