Thursday, March 12, 2015

Team Clean sets sail for the wild west

And we're off! The biggest Southwest Marine Debris Cleanup in history
has kicked off with a bang. After traversing some wild south coast seas,
two boats are safely anchored in Cox's Bight ready for a big day of
beach cleaning tomorrow, and a third is on its way.

After a few last minute logistics, all Team Clean's boats were loaded,
crewed up and heading south by the early afternoon. The Breaksea was the
first boat around South Cape on the south coast having left Dover at
midday. The Velocity followed close behind, meeting up at Louisa Bay on
the way to the calm anchorage of Cox's Bight.

All the crew are absolutely amped about steaming round Southwest Cape
and are gearing up for a huge week of cleaning up some of Australia's
most remote and spectacular beaches.