Saturday, March 14, 2015

Days 1 to 3

Day 3 Coxs Bight - Spain Bay - Schooner Cove

All 4 boats arrived today in Spain Bay after an early morning steam from
Cox's Bight. We were on the beach by 11ish, the late start may have
been due to last night's very rolly anchorage and dance floor antics.
Small plastics were the main find at the start, a few token wins were a
clob foot, genie bottle, tyre and gumboot. The creek was full of ropes,
plastic and cans, 5 people worked one section for a good 20 minutes. We
decided to do the count before tucking into Masaakis delicious tuna
platters. 6958 items we totalled for the day. Fresh sashimi and sushi,
Gillespies ginger beer, moo brew, live tunes, pirate costumes and
dancing washed down another rewarding day.

Day 2 Coxs Bight

The end of Day 1 found three boats safely anchored in Cox Bight.
Unfortunately (for the rubbish and them) the fourth boat is stuck in
Recherche until the weather improves. The team cleaned the beach from
the western end up to Point Eric in both rain and shine - 2999 items in
all. We'd love to say we got it all but the beach may have beaten us in
the end. Quartz pebbles were very good camouflage for all sorts of
plastic, rope and bait straps and the general consensus is it has been
the most technical beach cleaned in a few years. However the team pulled
through and collected an impressive immunity selection including a toy
plastic boot, an axe head, a lure (which Masaaki is now proudly wearing
as a broach), and a die. Nice work! We are now in recovery mode having
had a quick abalone dive and a surf in somewhat un-ideal conditions,
dinner is solving all issues though and soon we'll be amped for
tomorrow. Bring on Spain Bay!

Day 1

And we're off! The biggest Southwest Marine Debris Cleanup in history
has kicked off with a bang. After traversing some wild south coast seas,
two boats are safely anchored in Cox's Bight ready for a big day of
beach cleaning tomorrow, and a third is on its way.

After a few last minute logistics, all Team Clean's boats were loaded,
crewed up and heading south by the early afternoon. The Breaksea was the
first boat around South Cape on the south coast having left Dover at
midday. The Velocity followed close behind, meeting up at Louisa Bay on
the way to the calm anchorage of Cox's Bight.

All the crew are absolutely amped about steaming round Southwest Cape in
a few days and are gearing up for a huge week of cleaning up some of
Australia's most remote and spectacular beaches.


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