Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Calm and sunny Port Davey

After an easy morning in whalers Cove, the Velocity choofed off in
search of some waves. After a fruitless mission we were up to full
numbers in Hannant Inlet for a multi beach small plastics festival.
Shallow water made access interesting and what appeared to be beautiful
and pristine shores ended up providing us with 4492 pieces of rubbish,
most of which were below 30cm in size. A 4pm knock off saw all boats
relocate to Bramble Cove where the towering Mt Misery sits ominously
overlooking the bay. A quick discussion between Dayna, Claire and
Daphane went like this: "Be good to climb it?" "Yeah!" "Yeah?"
"yesSSSsss..." and no more than five minutes later saw Darren ferrying
the three girls to the shores for a turbo trip up the 484m peak. The
view was a spectacular 360 degree view taking in Port Davey and Bathurst
Harbour extending all the way through from the Arthur Range in the north
to Cox Bight, and off to the side the boys from Velocity surfing some
chunky waves below. An awesome days work and play saw us cap it off with
the eagerly awaited Dell Butter Chicken, a perfect way to finish the day...

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