Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 3 Spain Bay/Stephans beach

Activities of the day: fishing,paddling, surfing, eating masaki's sushi
feast... ah yes, and picking up rubbish.
Today's destination was Stephans Bay. The weather picked up, only
producing a few showers, and the crew were stoked to find the beach a
lot cleaner than last year. We found one buoy, much less plastic
bottles, glass and fishing gear. Still a fair amount of small plastics
and bits of rope, but all in all MUCH IMPROVED. Those new to the bay
were astounded at the size of the aboriginal middens at the southern
end, which are indeed a sight to behold. Huge midden-dunes the extend a
couple of hundred meters back from the beach.
A few of the party bailed before it had even started to reel in a fresh
tuna from the 3m swell. The experience left an unlucky fish on the deck
and four crew feeling a bit queasy. They joined the rubbish crew towards
the end of the collection and handed over over the fun - they then got
in a surf while the bags were collated and left above high tide to wait
for pick up when the weather permits.

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