Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Westward Bound

Date: 23/4/2012
Location: West from Dover to Port Davey
Rubbish of the Day: NA Travelling
Species of the Day: Fairy Prions

An 8:30 meeting at Chateau d'Spikey saw the previous days' shopping and most crew members decanted into cars for the drive to Dover. Meanwhile Sarah and Dayna racked up another impressive credit card bill at Hill Street Grocers packing in the fresh fruit and veg and adding the final touches to what had been an epic two day shopping effort. Arriving at Dover the Patagonia lads whipped out a huge selection of fancy new threads for us all - hats, beanies, fleece jackets and shirts. Impressive!

A few more ute and carloads of food/surfboards/people were divided amongst the three boats - Velocity, Chieftan G and Breaksea - and we were up up and away off around the coast for the big adventure. Rounding the southern coast a few crew dinners came back up the wrong way, now as humble offerings to whatever creatures lay below.
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