Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday's Blog

The crew awoke to a red and grey haze at Port Davey. A brooding North-West wind was felt. The crew was anxious with thoughts of crossing SW Cape to the southern shore of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The Velocity left early in its sojourn across the gauntlet of SW Cape. Three to four meters of rising swell was in its wake, with an extra two meters of windy seas on top of a daunting ocean. The salty sea-dogs were hardened to such escapades but the 12 land-cats were not. The Velocity made its way towards Waterfall Bay where a boatfull of surfers dived into icy cold water for a two hour session of surfing - an absolute treat. Quite different for the Miss Carmen, towing a 1-tonne cray dinghy, whose journey around around the Cape was one of sideways scare tactics. Thoughts of calmer waters were on the crew's mind. The four boats eventually arrived. The cleanup was one of beercans, over 600 of them. A blisterly NW wind made life chilly with sand in eyes a constant hindrance. As we digest a lovely roast and vegies sipping Gillespies Giner Beer...we think of what's coming next.

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