Friday, April 22, 2011

Back Home

The crew awoke on the last day of the trip under leaden skies but at least we didn't have to pick up anymore of someone else's rubbish. The Velocity and Odalisque rafted up and transferred all the Marine Debris onto the Odalisque for a quick trip up to Prince of Wales Bay in Hobart were the rubbish was to be unloaded. The Velocity headed for a quick last surf with Johnny before he headed back to warmer climes while the Miss Carmen docked in Dover to unload its crew before heading back to sea to continue fishing. The Chieftain G dropped its crew on the Odalisque and headed for a few days cruising the Channel.

In Hobart Alderman Bill Harvey turned up to check out our haul and collected a representative sample which we hope to display in the coming weeks. The total items collected on the trip was 18357 items, the biggest haul yet. It is a testament to hard work of the volunteer crew and skill of the fishermen who enabled us to access the beaches in difficult conditions. A detailed description of the items collected will be posted soon.

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