Saturday, April 3, 2010

Long day at Spain Bay

Transcript Two - Spain Bay has been cleaned. Report sent by Matt via satellite phone at 10 pm 2nd April 2010.

"It turned out the two kayakers decided to help the rest of our team clean Spain Bay, which was a bonus. Together we spent four and a half hours, cleaning the full length of the beach, collecting 3602 items. “Usual suspects”* were found: small rope pieces, plastic pieces, bait box straps and plastic caps and lids. The Miss Carmen and Chieftain G crew finished setting their gear** just as we finished at the eastern end of the beach. We were met at Whaler’s with a dolphin escort off the bow. Early night for all tonight..."

Harry and Sam Beachcombing. Cleanup 2010
Holiday Isle - Not for us! Heaps of rubbish to collect. Cleanup 2010
The First Nights sort. A slow long one for the first timers who have to work out what each item is. Cleanup 2010

* Check the History and Statistics page of this Blog to see the typical breakdown of items found from past SW cleanups
** The owners/skippers of the Velocity, Chieftain G and the Miss Carmen have volunteered their time, expertise, diesel and bunk space to this years SW Cleanup. The personal cost of this undertaking gets increasingly expensive each year and they must mitigate this cost by continuing to fish for Australian Southern Rocklobster when opportunity and the weather allows.

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