Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the lea of Low Rocky

Day Seven – We haven’t received the remote blog today - Satellite phone reception is patchy on the wild west coast and with the team cleaning the most northern and western beach that they will visit, we have to assume they have found one of those patches. This isolation will only heightening their sense that they are, truly, a world away…
They would have spent their day at a beach that faces south west, and with the winds today being light from the north east, coupled with a 12 – 14 second sou’west swell, I can only imagine the fun they had during their dawn surf! They may have even squeezed in an afternoon session after a spending the day cleaning one of the remotest beaches in Australia. I can image Matt would have wanted to make the most of the still conditions before the winds began to strengthen and veer further to the northwest in front of the southwest change*, forecast to hit overnight. It is time for the boats to begin the steam back home with the weather at their backs. By now they will have rounded Southwest Cape under the moonlight.
Over the next couple days they will be stopping on the southern coast, possibly cleaning Cox’s Bight and, weather and time permitting, other remote beaches between South West and South East Cape before returning to Dover (and civilization) on Friday.

*Weather Link
Archive of the Low Rocky Point weather station

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