Monday, March 15, 2010

Crew is getting ready

We now have three boats heading around the coast on the 1st of April. The Velocity skippered by Nick Harris will once again be the mothership. This 53 foot Westcoaster will be the main repository for all the rubbish collected during the trip as well as the restuarant each night and jamming space after dinner.

The Cheiftan G skippered by Dave Wyatt will be taking part in its 6th cleanup trip and will be the grommet boat with Dave son Oscar and young Hamish Renwick learning the ropes as deckhands to pay their way.

Deano Hulten skippering the Miss Carmen rejoins us this year his new boat will be a welcome addition to the fleet

Skippers Dave Wyatt, Kent Way, Rod Behrens and Stuart Atkins. Sponsor night Cleanup 2009

Now its just fingers crossed for a nice long calm Autumn.

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